Friday, 19 June 2015

For MapGuide, OpenLayers 3 is ready for prime-time.

As some of you may recall, nearly two years ago I landed in MapGuide support for OpenLayers 3.

However, this support was partial as it only targets un-tiled Map Definitions. None of the tiling mechanisms in OpenLayers 3 were compatible with the tiling scheme used by MapGuide meaning OpenLayers 3 cannot consume non-XYZ tiles from MapGuide ...

... Or so I thought.

It turns out that it is indeed possible to consume non-XYZ tiles from MapGuide, here's one such example using the just released v3.6.0 of OpenLayers.

What this means is that OpenLayers 3 is at feature parity with OpenLayers 2 in terms of MapGuide support, meaning it has the core functionality we need to build a MapGuide client mapping application out of.

Many thanks to Andreas Hocevar of Boundless for the code sample.


Amministratore said...

New working version!


Anonymous said...

Does OpenLayers 3 support consuming MapGuide Maps as vector data ? Can I select the features ?

It seems to me like it shows up as a raster (WMS) but nothing is selectable, hopefully I'm wrong.

Thanks for your advice.


Jackie Ng said...


The problem is mostly on MapGuide's end as its capabilities to serve vector data are somewhat limited at the moment, you have:

* WFS (only usable for small sets of features)
* GeoJSON (through mapguide-rest extension, not suited for large volumes of feature data)
* GeoJSON vector tiles (through mapguide-rest extension, and although it is suited for large volumes of vector data, it is highly experimental and generally superceded in most clients with TopoJSON or MapBox Vector Tiles, neither of which is supported by either MapGuide or the mapguide-rest extension)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for your reply Jackie.
Best regards, Diego.