Saturday, 1 August 2015

How can we take advantage of this?

Here's the facts:
  • MapGuide for the longest time has an FDO provider that can read SQLite databases
  • SQLite has an in-memory mode
  • :memory: is a completely valid file name to pass to the connection parameters of a SQLite FDO connection
  • In terms of I/O, memory is the fastest backing store you can have for direct data access.
Now how can we make MapGuide blazing fast (where it is currently not), given the above facts?

That question has been brewing in my mind for some time now.

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Hans Milling said...

Perhaps The FDO providers could be extended to be able to read and store the entire data source in memory? It would require that the FDO provider do the search/filtering of the queries on the memory data, instead of the data source. Most of the maps I work with is less than 1 GB, and the servers have 4-8 GB of memory. If all data were in memory, the map would work so much faster. The provider should be able to update the data in memory in case that the data source changes.