Wednesday, 8 June 2016

Introducing: Map Preview extension for Visual Studio Code

From an idea, to an MVP, to now a published extension on the Visual Studio Marketplace

I am proud to announce the availability of the Map Preview extension for Visual Studio Code

Just to recap for those who don't know, this extension allows you to view any plain-text based geospatial data file or content as vector features on an interactive map (powered by OpenLayers), allowing for quick and easy visualization of plain-text geographic content without firing up a dedicated GIS application to view it or pasting the content into a GitHub gist.

All rendered features are selectable on the map and any useful attribute information is displayed as a popup. The map also provides plenty of available base layers for giving your preview data a real-world contextual backdrop.

The initial release supports formats that are supported by OpenLayers, which is currently:
If your document content checks out as any of the above formats, it can be previewed on a map with this extension.

You can install this extension with the following command:

ext install vscode-map-preview

The source code for this extension is available on my GitHub repo

Feel free to send feedback, pull requests, etc, etc.

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