Thursday, 6 October 2016

React-ing to the need for a modern MapGuide viewer (Part 6): Emulating the Aqua fusion template

After announcing mapguide-react-layout to the public, the next major task was to bring the viewer up to parity with Fusion by:
The first part was actually pretty simple. The Application Definition schema is actually simpler to model than the Web Layout one (due to the heavy emphasis on key-value pairs, which is why the schema is still at v1.0.0, the key-value pair mechanism allows for arbitrary extension to support new features). It was a case of mapping the loaded Application Definition to the common initialization structure that the Web Layout currently maps to.

Though we didn't have any of the 5 templates ported at this point, we could throw an Application Definition at the "ajax-viewer" template and it is able to understand a majority of the widgets, with the exception of toolbars, because toolbars are uniquely named for each Fusion template and the Application Definition is expected to be referencing the template-specific toolbars.

So at this point, it was now a case of porting across the 5 templates. As we currently lack an accordion or tab component, the logical place to start is the Aqua template, which uses neither.

We start off with the existing "ajax-viewer" template, re-arrange the layouts of the various toolbars/menus and using our modal dialogs to house the Task Pane, Legend, etc, and taking advantage of widespread modern browser support for CSS gradients and we get ...

Let's compare that to the original

What do you reckon? I think it's a good visual emulation of the original.

And here's an extra added bonus. Currently, the toolbars (in any layout component) do not handle overflowing toolbar items at all. It turns out that applying a standard CSS overflow:auto on the toolbar container element gives us a very usable solution:

I've decided to activate this for toolbars with horizontal orientation only, as this trick doesn't work very nicely on toolbars with vertical orientation and I am going on the assumption that one wouldn't pack a vertically oriented toolbar with too many items.

Unfortunately, the process of porting across the Aqua template has revealed some teething issues.

1. Task Pane / Selection Panel / Legend does not play nice with Modal Dialogs

All the work in making these components full height presents issues when housed within our modal dialogs. For example, here's what the selection panel looks like

It completely overwrites the container for the modal dialog, so we can't hide the dialog or drag it around. The Task Pane has the same problem.

2. We sort of need InvokeScript support as that is what the original templates use to show the Task Pane / Selection Panel / Legend / etc. 

Failing that, we probably have to hard-code this toggling functionality into the layout component.

3. Flyout menus don't play nice either

See that scrollbar? The flyout menu is overflowing inside the toolbar container! I hope the react-flyout component we're using allows us to break out of parent-child element relationships for a flyout menu and its toggling button, otherwise we'd have to look at an alternative.

Once these problems are solved. That's when I think I'll put out a new release.

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