Friday, 23 December 2016

React-ing to the need for a modern MapGuide viewer (Part 8): I figured out how to make an accordion

Previously, I wrote about how the introduction of Blueprint as our UI toolkit gave us a nice solid set of UI components that not only replaces a whole bunch of existing (and disjoined) react components, but also provides all the necessary components to port over all of the remaining Fusion templates across.

Well that statement was half true, we got 3 of the 5 Fusion templates ported across. The remaining templates (Slate and Maroon) required an accordion-like component to dock the Legend/TaskPane/SelectionPanel in its respective sidebar.

Sadly, the Blueprint toolkit did not offer an accordion component out of the box. But based on some encouraging words, I set out to build my own accordion using the Collapse component as the foundation. A few hours later, I got a basic accordion component working, except I ran into that age old problem of how to get an element to fill 100% of its available height.

What this meant was that the "expanded" content needed either a fixed height (not acceptable) or some way where we can pre-calcuate the maximum available height for the "expanded" content when rendering the "expanded" content in the accordion. Fortunately, it turns out that there was a component that can do this legwork for us, it's called react-measure and using it was dead simple: Just wrap it around the component you need the height for and it will automagically calculate it for you.

And with that, we got a functional accordion to house our various components.

And if the look of that accordion looks familiar, you're right. Because now that we have a functional accordion, we can (and have) ported across the remaining Fusion templates. So say hello to the fully ported set of Fusion templates for mapguide-react-layout.






Expect a new release of mapguide-react-layout in the New Year with these Fusion templates and many other goodies in store.

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