Wednesday, 4 April 2018

Announcing: mg-desktop and MapGuide nuget packages for 3.1.1

It's been so long since putting out the last release of MapGuide that you sometimes forget that there are also supplemental build artifacts that tail off of the main MapGuide build process that need to be released as well!

In our case, that would be new nuget packages for the MapGuide .net API and mg-desktop.

The new mg-desktop binaries are also available as plain zip packages, should the NuGet way of acquiring not work out for you.


RealHandMade said...

Hello mr,

I having a problem in fussion error. This error display on the first page after reload. Can you help me to solve this problem.


Error Details:
Exception occurred in AJAX callback.
Message: a.test is not a function
Location: undefined (undefined)
Inner Stack: TypeError: a.test is not a function
at Array.find (
at Wc.addListener (
at _.Dp._.m.addListener (
at _.Dp. (
at Object._.w (
at _.Dp.Nd (
at Wc.f (
at Wc.addListener (
at _.Dp._.m.addListener (
at Object.hz.f (

Jackie Ng said...

Try this thread: