Friday, 26 July 2019

Plans and stuff

Since I'm back, I'll start with some rough plans for MapGuide and my related projects.

The next version of MapGuide Open Source will be: 4.0

The next version of MapGuide Open Source was originally slated to be 3.3, but due to the volume of features implemented for this milestone and with some planned future work that will have "breaking change" ramifications (namely dropping support for PHP5 and supporting PHP7) means that the next release is better represented as 4.0

I'll be putting out a 4.0 preview release shortly that showcases all of the features implemented thus far, all of which I will be blogging about here. This will still support PHP5 for the PHP flavor of the MapGuide API for now.

Supporting PHP7 is a non-negotiable blocker towards a final 4.0 release, MapGuide Open Source 4.0 will only be final once we have stable and reliable PHP7 support.

I have an experimental testbed on GitHub which has been somewhat dormant since I first announced it, but will soon be re-activated and most likely incorporated back into the MapGuide sources where I'll continue this work on an experimental sandbox branch.

That's not to say that PHP7 support is the only remaining feature between the 4.0 preview and the final release. There may still be new features implemented in the meantime.

I currently can't tell you how long this journey will take (I honestly do not know how long this work to support PHP7 will take), but at least you know what the final destination will be.

MapGuide Maestro

The main theme for the next milestone of MapGuide Maestro is to support or take advantage of the capabilities/features introduced in MapGuide Open Source 4.0. Check this issue for details.


I will shortly put out a new 0.12 release which will bridge the 750+ commit gap since the last 0.11.2 release (the bulk of these commits, undoubtedly greenkeeper-assisted pull requests)

After this release, this project will be on a short hiatus as I give MapGuide Open Source 4.0 development maximum priority


I will eventually sunset this project with the release of MapGuide Open Source 4.0. The final pieces (which will finally culminate in a 1.0 final release) are:

  • Knocking off the remaining items on this list
  • Blocker: Being fully operational under MapGuide Open Source 4.0
Having mapguide-rest fully operational under PHP7 (that we assume MGOS 4.0 final will be shipping with) will be my final barometer of "it is done" for this project.

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