Thursday, 7 November 2019

Announcing: mapguide-react-layout 0.12.6

Another release? So quickly?

So between these various releases, I had updated webpack and it had somehow introduced some behavioral changes such that my "production" webpack config no longer produced a minified production bundle.

This meant that for the past few bugfix releases, the production bundle was weighing around 5MB! Not good.

It didn't help that our CIs can't detect such a problem easily. It would be great if there was a service that integrates with TravisCI/AppVeyor and allows us to track and monitor production bundle file sizes and preferably raise an alert or fail the build if the new production bundle size increases by an abnormal amount. If such a service exists, and is free and can integrate with TravisCI/AppVeyor, I'd like to know about it.

This release fixes our production webpack config so that the production viewer bundle is properly minified again and back down to its normal expected size.

In addition, this release adds new APIs for our OL factory so that task pane content has a greater range of types of OL styles to work with when creating/managing client-side vector features.

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