Thursday, 31 December 2020

Announcing: vscode-map-preview 0.5.7

This final release of anything from me for 2020 fixes our KML content scrubbing code to no longer trash KML icon styles. OpenLayers didn't support KML icons properly when this extension was first created which necessitated scrubbing said content out when previewing KML files so that at least something will render in the preview instead of nothing.

That is no longer the case, so now KML icon styles are preserved when previewing. Case in point below, we now get cutlery icons instead of the standard pin marker.

One small caveat needs to be observed: Due to content security restrictions on the HTML generated by this extension, the KML icon URLs must be https otherwise nothing will render.

This release also updates OpenLayers to 6.5.0 and ol-layerswitcher to 3.8.3

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