Monday, 7 August 2023

Where's the new Maestro API nuget packages?

There were a few things I left out of the previous announcement that I'll use this post to address.

Firstly, the 6.0m12 release of MapGuide Maestro formally drops all Fusion editor support for integration with Google Maps tiles and services. We no longer support Google Maps integration in Fusion and the editor in previous releases gave the false impression that this is still possible. That is no longer the case with this release.

Secondly, the more important thing (and the subject of this post) is that if you are using the Maestro API and consume this through nuget packages from you may be wondering why there are no new versions?

The answer to that one is simply: My nuget package publishing keys have expired and something in the website or something with my account is preventing me from regenerating these keys or to generate a fresh set. As a result, I currently cannot upload any new nuget packages to

But do not fret, because there is an alternative solution.

As part of the MapGuide Maestro release on GitHub, the nuget .nupkg files are also included

From here, you can set up a local directory-based nuget package source, drop the .nupkg files into it and the this version of the package is available to install in your Visual Studio solution.

If/when I get a resolution on this publishing key matter, I will upload the .nupkg files for this release and make another announcement. Until then, this local package source is a suitable workaround.

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