Sunday, 15 July 2012

New mg-desktop binaries (now with comprehensive sample code)

This latest drop of mg-desktop still doesn't do tiled maps (I've got a basic idea at the moment, which involves using BruTile), but it does have the following new features and fixes:

  • Lots of internal traces added to mg-desktop. If you turn on internal trace logging in Platform.ini, your Trace.log should be filled with much more useful information now. Note that you only need to turn on internal trace logging if you need to do some serious debugging. This is turned off by default in Platform.ini
  • Support for secured Feature Source credentials
  • We do basic XML content validation with our implementation of MgResourceService. The checks are currently for well-formedness of content and that top-level element matches resource type.
  • APIs in our implementation of MgFeatureService (namely GetClasses and GetClassDefinition) now work properly with extended feature classes.
  • Plenty of viewer and component fixes
But the most important change is that the sample App Layout in the binary distribution now includes a comprehensive set of examples in how to use the mg-desktop API. Basically we ripped out the MapGuide Developer's Guide samples and stuffed them into the App Layout extension model.

The interesting thing about this was that the sample code was that it was mostly copy and pasted from the MapGuide Developer's Guide samples with the stuff replaced or removed, which goes to show the striking similarity of mg-desktop's APIs with the official MapGuide APIs, which is 100% intentional.

The source code for this sample extension is also available for download

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