Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Announcing: MapGuide Maestro 5.0 beta 3 and 4.0.2 maintenance release

Here's a long overdue update which includes the following changes

Secured Credential Support (5.0b3 and 4.0.2)

A major client-side security hole has been plugged. All applicable Feature Source editors now secure login credentials by default. Maestro will no longer create Feature Sources with plaintext credentials.

If your FDO provider uses login credentials but does not have a specialized editor, no worries. The generic editor also supports specifying secured credentials. A new "Set Credentials" link is available.

Click it and you get a new dialog that lets you nominate the username and password connection properties and their respective values. These values are saved to MG_USER_CREDENTIALS and are replaced in the connection properties with the %MG_USERNAME% and %MG_PASSWORD% placeholder tokens.

However, we still have problems packaging such feature sources (we lose the encrypted MG_USER_CREDENTIALS in the packaging process due to design limitations). The only workaround for packaging such feature sources, is the use the official method via the Site Administrator. New validation rules have been added to warn you about such feature sources.

Theme Improvements (5.0b3 and 4.0.2)

If you know how theming works, it's just taking a given rule and duplicating it a certain number of times with various different fills and/or border colors based on a given set of matching rules. To this end, Maestro now let's you use the first style rule as a template for generating the theme.

Live Map Editor improvements (5.0b3)

The Live Map Definition editor now shows all Layers and Groups regardless of visibility, which is important because you need to be able to "see" all the Layers and Groups that you can edit. Such layers and groups are greyed out to distinguish from the visible Layers and Groups.

The map viewer component also has many of the viewer enhancements ported over from mg-desktop, so yes! The Live Map Definition Editor can now do mouse wheel zooming among other things.

The mg-desktop wrapped implementation of the Maestro API now also includes a wrapper for the Runtime Map, meaning Map Definitions in a mg-desktop repository can now also be edited by the Live Map Definition Editor.

Other tweaks and enhancements (5.0b3)

The Point Feature Style dialog now uses tabs for screen space optimization.

For SDF and SHP Feature Sources, we now label what that file and folder buttons stand for

The status bar now shows the active connection, as some commands operate against the active connection and it helps to know what that connection is.

And finally, that bug is also fixed. You can stop asking about it :) And ODBC configuration works again for 4.0.2.


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