Wednesday, 29 August 2012

A 200 post retrospective

When I first opened shop, I knew this blog was going to be about MapGuide and FDO in some form or another.

I just didn't imagine that 4 years and 200 posts later to the present day, that this blog would become the defacto knowledgebase of all things MapGuide and FDO, and that I would still have plenty of MapGuide-related things to talk about.

So to celebrate the 200th posting on this blog, here's some highlights of my double-century blogging run (in chronological order).

See you later at 300 posts (assuming I haven't ran out of interesting things to blog about)


Wilson H said...

you are a driving force in the mapguide medium,and i want to thank you for all the effort and love you pour into this blog.

i will be waigting for your 400th post!.

Peter Shoemark said...

Yep, I agree. Excellent work thanks Jackie. Cheers, Peter