Sunday, 25 August 2013

Announcing: MapGuide Open Source 2.6 Preview

Want a sneak peek at what's new in 2.6?

Here's a preview release for you to try out. Windows-only, because the purpose of me putting out this release is to test and verify that the Windows Installer is all good for when we start the 2.6 release cycle proper.

In case the words "preview release" is foreign to you, this release is for testing purposes and not suitable for production use. You have been warned :)

Stay tuned for a series of posts detailing the new features of 2.6



Ari Hyvönen said...
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Ari Hyvönen said...

Thank You for doing good job with new versions. What I'd really like to see in version 2.6 is a current and updatable version of PHP. Our IT department does periodic security scans and I have to make exception report because of the old version on Mapguide server everytime.

Jackie Ng said...

Yes the bundled PHP is definitely ancient and something we should look at upgrading soon.