Friday, 16 August 2013

New mg-desktop binaries

Since we've put out a new MapGuide Open Source release (and also because the mg-desktop build system rides off of the MapGuide one), here is a new release of mg-desktop to go along with it. This is a bug fix release with no new APIs or features. New NuGet packages of mg-desktop have also been uploaded.

Since Google Code has removed support for binary downloads, the mg-desktop site on Google Code ceases to be of any use to me. As a result, mg-desktop is now a full sub-project of MapGuide Open Source (like Maestro currently is) and everything from hereon in is now hosted at OSGeo. The Google Code site will stay as-is if you want to grab old releases, other than that I won't be touching that site ever again.

The new download page for mg-desktop is now at the mg-desktop portion of the MapGuide wiki here

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