Wednesday, 20 April 2016

MapGuide Open Source 3.1 pre-flight check

Okay, all systems should be go to start the release cycle for the first beta of MapGuide Open Source 3.1 real soon. A lot of time was wasted spent on refactoring the vagrant-based build system on Linux to ensure that making this and future releases of MapGuide and FDO a more simpler affair:

  • The bulk of the shell provisioning logic from our current Vagrantfiles have been offloaded to their own shell scripts, making the Vagrantfiles now a super-thin script that calls the main provisioning script with the right MapGuide/FDO branch names and version numbers
  • As a result, in terms of making future releases, we just have to update branch names and version numbers in one central location (the Vagrantfile) instead of what we currently do, which is updating the branch names and version numbers in all our shell scripts
These changes were made not only for the current build system, but also back-ported for use in producing future 3.0 and 2.6 point releases. Meaning once 3.1 drops, you should see 3.0.1 and 2.6.2 point releases following real soon.

So before we kick the build system into gear, I think I'll give a good week or two to pore through the current MapGuide/FDO/Fusion bug lists to see what stuff we can easily knock off before I hit the big red button.


Canuckoid said...

Hi Jackie,
Will you have the associated GDAL DLLs for MR SID/ECW etc compiled for this too?
That is a common format with everyone these days.


Jackie Ng said...

No. Tamas has not yet made available MSVC 2015 compiled GDAL binaries at gisinternals.