Monday, 16 May 2016

MapGuide Open Source 3.1 pre-flight check part 2

We're close. Soooooooo close to a 3.1 beta release of MapGuide Open Source. But there's one small snag before I am ready to start uploading binaries.

An issue was caught in smoke testing where the WFS/WMS providers seem to destabilize the MapGuide installation on CentOS when listing available FDO providers...

... Which sounds very similar to a problem we had with Ubuntu builds of FDO until we made the change to build FDO against system-installed versions of OpenSSL/libCURL.

So I'm going to give that a try (building against system OpenSSL/libCURL) with the CentOS builds again, which should hopefully pass my smoke tests to give the all clear to upload the long awaited binaries for MapGuide Open Source 3.1

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