Friday, 27 January 2017

A few hours later ...

Moving MapGuide Maestro to GitHub has already paid off!

The code is hooked up to AppVeyor for automatic continuous integration

Our unit test suites are hooked up to OpenCover, whose reports AppVeyor will automatically upload to

And these services are all free!

And we get some nice badges to show for it!

So just to give some context for that coverage result: This coverage is for the MaestroAPI part of Maestro. It does not cover the WinForms application itself, which I find trying to write automated end-to-end tests (and hence coverage) to be a fruitless endeavor. It will either work or not, that's as good enough of a test as any. MaestroAPI on the other hand, is the engine that drives the application and this is something that definitely needs the test validation and coverage as it has uses outside of the Maestro application and we need objective confidence in the stability and robustness of the MaestroAPI, which these aforementioned services will give us.


Sai Varadula said...


Please let me know how to implement zoom extents in react or direct me to the function to be used for zoom extents in react.


Jackie Ng said...

Just add the zoom extents command/widget to your Web Layout or Fusion Application Definition.

Programmatically? Depends.

From "inside" the viewer (ie. Task Pane content)? You have most of the AJAX viewer API already there for you to use. So in the case of zoom extents, it's parent.parent.ExecuteMapAction(14), 14 being the command code for zoom extents.

From "outside" the viewer? I have yet to decide how outside code can interact with the viewer beyond initializing and mounting the viewer at a particular element.