Tuesday, 3 January 2017

Announcing: mapguide-rest 1.0 RC5

Here's a long awaited new release of mapguide-rest.

This release is PHP 5.6 compatible (so it will work with MapGuide Open Source 3.1, that bundles PHP 5.6) and includes various fixes that can be found in the referenced change log


So ... what's stopping me from putting an end to these endless 1.0 RC releases?

I need to answer (and commit to it) the age old question of: What is the best strategy for versioning REST APIs? Currently, I'm leaning towards the "put the version in the URL" approach. If you have played around with the mapguide-rest addin for Maestro, that is what the "v1" in the url represents when you connect to mapguide-rest from Maestro.

The bits I still have to figure out is once the "v1" API is set in stone, how do we evolve the API afterwards. I need a solid plan for post-v1 API evolution in place before I can slap the 1.0 final label.

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Canuckoid said...

I like this idea of putting the version in the URL- both bing and google apis do it this way, so it seems kind of standard.