Monday, 6 February 2017

Announcing: MapGuide Maestro 6.0m6

Here's another long overdue new milestone release for MapGuide Maestro 6.0.

Here's a summary of what's new.

Friendlier connection error dialog

Rather than say MgConnectionFailedException, perhaps this dialog can explain things better?

Theme support

The latest version of DockPanelSuite supports theming. Maestro now includes a bunch of VisualStudio-style skins that you can choose from the options UI. For example, here's Maestro with the Visual Studio "blue" theme.

Non-modal map previews

Resource previews that use the local map viewer (ie. It doesn't launch an external web browser), now display as additional document-resident view content instead of a modal dialog.


Rather than punching in coordinates for override extents manually, you can now set the extents interactively with Maestro's map viewer component.

Also on that subject, when generating tiles with overridden extents, the total tiles calculation should be more accurate now, having verified the overridden extents against the contents of the physical tile cache, the visual verification made much easier with this new feature.

Other Changes
  • Maestro now has new validation rules for ODBC configuration documents
  • You can now enter a Google Maps API key in the Flexible Layout editor (if you require it)
  • The mapguide-rest addin now generates configuration documents with valid representation nodes
  • Fix NullReferenceExceptions when editing Fusion Flexible Layouts with multiple map groups. A nice timely fix to have to make way in preparation for when this is ready.
  • Upgrading a WebLayout to a 2.4 or newer schema version will now include the MapTip command if it doesn't exist
  • Upgrading a Layer Definition to a 2.4 or newer schema version no longer discards any URL settings.
  • XML editor now automatically trims off null '\0' characters (the source of many bogus content validation errors)
  • FDO stylization functions are no longer falsely reported as unsupported functions by the FDO expression validator.
  • Fusion and Symbol Definition editors should now trigger dirty state more often.
  • IronPython updated to 2.7.7

1 comment:

Unknown said...

Thanks Jackie, Maestro is coming along nicely.
This set with viewer option and more importantly the override bounds fix itself works well in MapDefinitions 2.4, however the Override Bounds still doesn't seem to work on a TileSet Definition? It doesn't provide a set with viewer option and builds the full extent (400million tiles in my case.)

We use TileSets in a big way as they are fantastic way not to have to repeat background layers in dozens of maps.