Thursday, 16 February 2017

Announcing: mapguide-react-layout 0.8

Here's a new release of mapguide-react-layout

Here's what's new in this release

Multiple Map Support

If you load an Application Definition with multiple map groups, the viewer now properly supports them.

Thanks to the use of redux (as my previous blog adventure post explained), map state is all nicely isolated from each other and makes it easy for components and commands to easily be aware of multiple maps, such is the case of the measure component (notice how recorded measurements switch along with the active map)

Also for Task Pane content, we added some smarts so that you know whether current task pane content is applicable or not to the current active map.

Other Changes

  • Update Blueprint to 1.9.0
  • Update React to 15.4.2
  • Improved performance of redux aware components to avoid unnecessary re-rendering
  • Sidebar Template: Fix a small sliver of the Task Pane content visible when collapsed
  • Legend: Fix infinite loop on maps with multiple (>2) levels of group nesting
  • Hover styles no longer render for disabled toolbar items
  • Clicking an expanded panel in an accordion no longer collapses it (an expanded panel should be collapsed by clicking another collapsed panel). This affects viewer templates that use accordions (eg. Slate)
  • Added support for InvokeURL command parameters
  • Fix default positioning of modal dialogs


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