Wednesday, 29 January 2020

Announcing: vscode-map-preview 0.5.0

Having figured out the technique for seamlessly loading CSV data in mapguide-react-layout, it was clear that there was another OpenLayers-based tool of mine that could benefit as well, hence a new release of the VSCode Map Preview extension.

Here's what's new in this release.

CSV Support


Rather than bombard you with excessive UI prompts for what column is the X coordinate and what column is the Y coordinate, we just check for a list of common column pairs:
  • X/Y
  • Lon/Lat
  • Lng/Lat
  • Long/Lat
  • Longitude/Latitude
  • Easting/Northing
If you want to add more column pairs to search for, there is a new configuration setting to define these pairs.

Preview buttons

Having learned about VSCode menu contribution points, we now finally have buttons in the editor UI to invoke the preview commands!

Custom Projection Support

The extension now supports custom projections allowing you to preview data from projections other than 4326 or 3857. A new configuration property is available to let you define additional custom projections:

To find/register your custom projection, visit and get the proj.4 or proj4js definition for your particular EPSG code and add a new entry with this EPSG code and definition as per the above fragment.

Because of this support, the Map Preview (with projection) command now presents a list of known projections instead of requiring you to enter the EPSG code manually

Other Changes

Vertex styling for line/polygon features can now be toggled on/off through a new configuration property.

OpenLayers has also been updated to the latest release (6.1.1) and the extension fixes some corner cases when previewing certain types of KML and GeoJSON content.

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