Thursday, 15 October 2020

Announcing: MapGuide Open Source 4.0 Preview 2

Here is the long awaited second preview release of MapGuide Open Source 4.0.

Refer to the release notes for download links and an overview of what's new and change since the last preview release.

For MapGuide users on Linux who use Java, we are sad to say that the Preview 2 release currently has a known issue with Java support being broken (all .jsp requests cause Tomcat to return http 403 forbidden errors, meaning our Java-based viewer and code samples do not work out of the box).

We recently upgraded our bundled Tomcat to the 9.x series and required some config changes. Java support works on Windows, but is failing on Linux and we lack the proper resources to debug and investigate further. All we know and suspect so far is that it is some missing security-related configuration needed since Tomcat 8 or 9, but we don't know what that missing configuration is and as a result all our .jsp requests cause Tomcat to return HTTP 403 forbidden errors, rendering our Java viewer and associated code samples to not work out of the box.

If any of you have any idea what the problem is (by installing the preview 2 Linux build into your spare Ubuntu 16.04 VM or docker container and mess with the existing configuration to get the Java viewer into a working state), please let us know of your findings in this trac issue or by posting your findings to the mapguide-users mailing list.

We will resume our 4.0 showcase blog series shortly to cover the new features of MapGuide Open Source 4.0. To recap, this is what has been showcased so far:

This list is just the tip of the iceberg so stay tuned!

In accordance with my original plans, development efforts will now be focused on the final non-negotiable requirement in order for us to be able to produce a final MGOS 4.0 release: Supporting PHP7 in our MapGuide API so we can finally bundle a version of PHP that is actively supported. This primarily involves resuming development work on our experimental API bindings and getting it into a working shape for bundling with MGOS 4.0.

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