Tuesday, 3 September 2019

Announcing: MapGuide Open Source 4.0 Preview 1.1

When I announced the availability of the 1st Preview release of MapGuide Open Source 4.0, I discovered shortly afterwards, a nasty show-stopping bug in one of the new APIs that breaks interaction with the bleeding edge version of mapguide-react-layout (the sole consumer of this new API).

As this is somewhat of a blocker in terms of what I'm am currently working with, I've put out a new 1.1 Preview release that includes a fix for this bug.

Download/Release Notes

If you don't use mapguide-react-layout, this bug probably doesn't affect you and you can stick with the existing Preview 1 release, if you have already downloaded and installed that.

And since we're here, the Linux binaries will be delayed until Preview 2 as my revised packaging scheme still needs more incubation time.

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