Sunday, 15 September 2019

Announcing: mapguide-react-layout 0.12.0

As promised, here's the long overdue new release of mapguide-react-layout.

As stated in my revised plans, this release marks the point where this project will go on a short development hiatus as I give MapGuide Open Source maximum development priority for the next few months. I may put out a bugfix release or two if the need arises.

Here's what's new and notable in this release.

Support for XYZ tile sets in Flexible Layouts

Fusion in MapGuide was recently able to finally support XYZ tile sets defined in a Flexible Layout (aka. Application Definition) document. That same support has been extended to this release

XYZ tile sets can come from many different sources. It could be your own XYZ tile set definitions or a custom OSM flavor tile set, or Here Maps (as shown below)

Or many more!

Selections now live through browser refreshes

Map selection state is now stashed into browser local storage and recovered from on startup upon a browser refresh

Sub-selection highlighting now only enabled for MapGuide Open Source 4.0 (and newer) servers

Our neat little trick of sub-selecting selected features actually has a major flaw. It is built on the erroneous assumption that selection keys and selection attributes in a QUERYMAPFEATURES response are rendered in the same order (we used the current index of the selected feature's attributes to pick up the selection key at the same index to request a sub-selection for). This turned out to be sadly not the case.

Rectifying this required a new version of the QUERYMAPFEATURES API that will also render selection keys alongside attributes (to avoid the same-index selection key lookup). This has been implemented for the MGOS 4.0 preview 1 release.

But what that means is that sadly we have to disable sub-selection highlighting for older MapGuide Servers. This feature is now only enabled for MGOS 4.0 preview 1 (and newer) servers.

Share Link To View component can now copy to clipboard

This component now includes a button to copy the link to the clipboard, saving you the need to select the URL and copy yourself.

NOTE: This component will not include the map selection if another user opens the shared link on another browser/computer as that selection state lives in the user's browser local storage and is too big to reliably encode into the URL itself for sharing.

Smaller JS bundle size

The viewer JS bundle previously bundled all the necessary CSS within the JS. For this release, that CSS has been extracted out to a separate viewer.css file. This has 2 benefits.

  1. The JS bundle is now smaller
  2. The viewer CSS can be modified if you so please.

Compare the bundle size of the previous 0.l1.2 release

Against this 0.12 release

Other Changes
  • Plug remaining i18n holes in measure and WMS layer manager components.
  • Don't word wrap layer/group node labels in Legend component and provide tooltips for these labels
  • Remove non-geodesic measure option as it is mostly inaccurate.
  • Fix init failure if appdef has an empty widget container
  • Fix line measurement total showing units in m^2
  • Fix measure tool starting measuring when switching measurement type
  • Fix memory leak due to dangling measure components being held on by the measure context after unmount
  • Various components updated to use componentDidUpdate instead of componentWillReceiveProps
  • Made redux actions more strongly-typed
  • Updated Blueprint to 1.40.0
  • Updated TypeScript to 3.6.3
  • Updated React to 16.9.0
  • Replaced query-string module with qs
  • Now built with webpack 4.x

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mapguide-react-layout on npm

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